Kefir Homemade Pro Biotic

Firstly, what is Kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink which is very easy to make, by fermenting the milk with Kefir “grains” which break down the lactose in the milk. It looks like soft cauliflower florets but in fact it is a living community of around 40-50 types of bacteria and yeasts. This community makes one of the richest pro biotic drinks around.

My Story. Two years ago, a client I rarely see, appeared clutching a jar containing a little white cauliflower “thingy”. She was delighted to hear that I had neither heard or seen such a thing before. She couldn’t believe it “you of all people, continually looking at new ways to improve your health, have never come across this before?” Most pleasing.

After her Reflexology treatment she gave me a demonstration on how to make it, and I have never looked back since. Thank you Angela.

Every morning I strain my “Kefir grains” place them back in the jar and cover with milk and a little paper cap and return it to my kitchen cupboard. Meanwhile the pro biotic drink that I strained I use in my oats and fruit each morning for me, and bottle a portion for my husband and put it in the fridge for the following day.

Kefir tastes like a plain yoghurt, sometimes a little fizzy which if not to your liking, you can add fruit or honey or mix in with your smoothie if you make one.

Nutritional benefits are a wow!!! The best information on this pro biotic drink on the internet is under Dr Axe’s excellent paper on the Benefits of Kefir – bearing mind that most of us have taken antibiotics at one stage or another, Kefir is the one that will help to boost our “biomes” in the gut and to replace the bacteria that has been destroyed by medication. There are many pro biotic drinks around in the supermarkets but nothing can beat this one.

It is fantastic for constipation, as it is for IBS or leaky gut syndrome, boosting immunity etc., – it is something that needs looking into. From my perspective, someone close to me had a negative blood count result and I started investigating what could be done to help Improve the count. Amino Acids were mentioned in a few reports, of course Kefir contains Amino Acids so I suggested adding this to his diet. Can I please say, six weeks later, and this was the only change he made to his diet and lifestyle, his blood count normalised and has continued to be so. He always has Kefir every day now.

Need I say anymore, please people look into Kefir. I would not be without it, and many of my clients and friends feel the same way. Kefir can also be purchased in the supermarkets now, but I would advise making your own if you have a few minutes per day because it is so much better for you and of course costs next to nothing to make. I always offer my clients a little lesson in making Kefir and of course I will start them off with some “grains” if they would like to try. I also support them whilst they are getting used to including it into their diets and advising them of alternative ways and amounts they can use Kefir. May I also mention it makes a fabulous face-mask, (smear on your face and neck and leave for 5 minutes once a week) it really makes the skin feel good.


Now why am I writing about Kefir, I am a Reflexologist etc., well as I believe in the merits of my treatment and the great improvement to health and happiness that Reflexology brings into a person’s life, so too can Kefir as a healthy gut aids a healthy body and a healthy mind.


So if you live in or around the Hornchurch, Essex area please give me a call and arrange an appointment and see how one of my treatments and Kefir can help you.