I have found myself increasingly working with clients with infertility issues, which can be classified as a sign of our times. Couples are holding back from having children in order to improve their career prospects and financial security to offer their families the support and home that will give them a happy start. Which is totally understandable. However during these years of “lining our nests” we should not be complacent with our Health, Nutrition, Weight, Sleep and Relaxation. Our bodies are already under assault by pathogens, viruses, not so clean air, detergents, air fresheners and so forth. I am writing this for anyone that has the intention of having a family now or in the future.

A lovely client came to me a couple of years ago who had undergone unsuccessfully, three rounds of IVF on the NHS. She then informed me, that in order to afford IVF at a Harley Street clinic, that they had decided to sell their house to provide them with the extra cash to undergo the expensive procedure. Now here’s the important part, and to me, the sad part. Harley Street would not accept my client for IVF unless 1) She reduced her weight, 2) She increased her nutrition, 3) increased her hydration 4) She went to the gym or took up some form of exercise. Please note my client did all that she was asked to do; six months later, once Harley Street had checked that she met their criteria – her diet had changed beyond recognition, she had lost all the extra weight and attended the gym – Harley Street sent her bloods to America to check the nutritional levels and informed her that everything was good, but she still needed a bag of nutrition that they give to premature babies hmmmmm. On her first round of IVF with Harley Street she fell pregnant and they are now proud parents of a pair of beautiful TWINS!
Having read the above, if she had been advised and checked by the NHS in the same manner as Harley Street Clinic, more than likely they would not have had to make such a sacrifice. So my advice that I impart to all my ladies is:-

Eat a healthy diet (clean up all the poor nutrition high sugar/sodium take-away meals). I would say, eliminate wheat from your diet, or at least moderate it to once a day – if you look at all the cereals out there, a lot contain wheat (wheat = weight) – wheat was needed years ago because we had times of famine, plenty of fruit and vegetables in the summer but little to eat during the winter months, bread would be our staple diet which helped us to survive. We in the West, have no famine now, we don’t really need to maintain our weight anymore – most of the time it’s about reducing it!

Suggested meals: Breakfast: porridge and plenty of fresh fruit/dried or some fruit. Snacks: Fruit, Sticks of Celery, Carrot sticks. Lunch: Salad and Fruit or a Soup. Afternoon Snack: 2 Dates/Fig/Grapes and an Apple or two or Fruit. Evening Meal: A small amount of protein be it meat or vegetarian or vegan options with plenty of vegetables and fruit. This suggested diet is just a guide line you can be as imaginative as you like, to make each meal time an enjoyable and delicious experience.
Eliminate alcohol as alcohol has been proven to reduce the birthweight of the baby and contaminates our Livers. We are trying to prepare the body to be in it’s healthiest state.
Remove Air fresheners from the home (they pollute your liver) – cut out aerosols, fly killers and hairsprays to be used sparingly.
Don’t smoke.
Improve hydration. One little tip first thing in the morning drink one pint of warm water with the juice of half a lemon or a pint of celery juice (which I will go into in my next blog).

Now this is the time that I tell my story of another lovely client that has been coming to me for a number of years. She has Polycystic Ovaries and weight issues. She comes to me for migraines which are now only once every now and again, but she also wanted to conceive a second child. After two years of popping in and out to see me – the only alteration that she made to her lifestyle was a change in job. From a rather sedentary position to one that required her to walk 10,000 steps per shift. Within 6 months of her change of job she became pregnant. A fine example of how improved fitness can increase the chances of becoming pregnant. I know it’s not easy for us ladies to add a trip to the gym, a run or attend a fitness class or take a half hour brisk walk, but honestly, it makes a massive difference to our energy levels, positivity and happiness and funny enough it also makes us in general look at our diets as they go hand in hand.

Aim to have a good 8 hours sleep per night. Preferably going to bed around 10 pm which gives your body plenty of time to heal. Before midnight is the time for cell rejuvenation and healing. I will be writing another blog on Sleep.

As a yogi, I would advocate carrying out a daily Yoga Nidra – be it on a train or a bus if there is no time to lay on the floor/sofa or bed, which helps to reduce stress. Being a guided meditation that takes your mind away from everyday thoughts and takes you around your body for a set time say 5/10/15/20/25 minutes or more. If you google Yoga Nidra on line there is an array of free recordings to try, and the benefits to mind and body are amazing. Attend a Yoga Class and learn how to breath. Another blog to follow on this subject.

Be positive, know that if you can make at least a few improvements in your life, that you have a much better chance of becoming a parent. Don’t worry. Visualise and ask for what you want. Use this time in preparation for a pregnancy to “line your nest” with positive and happy thoughts for a fitter, healthier and happier future.

Attend a Reflexology session which will help your body to prepare for a happy event. Reflexology helps the body to clear toxins from the body, balancing hormones and unblocking the flow of energy in organs and rebalances the whole system. Not of forgetting of course, how relaxed you will feel afterwards. It works in the body for the next 5 days so you may feel a few twinges in your shoulders and neck, or really tired after a session but watch your energy and vitality pick up.
How many sessions should a person have to help with infertility issues: 6 weekly/fortnightly consecutive sessions if at all possible. And let’s not forget the partners/husbands in this – to balance the couple obviously improves the outcome. Leaving you both, less stressed, positive, fit, happy, healthy and hopefully, beautiful parents to be.
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