Reflexology in the New Normal

I cannot wait to get back to giving Reflexology treatments again. I have been off since March and so miss my clients and the results, which never fail to amaze me. Very shortly I will begin to start taking bookings again. I have adapted my treatments in light of the Covid-19 crisis to reduce the risk of transmission of this horrible virus.

New Rules of Engagement:

  1. Once an appointment has been made, I will text you the day before, (I always remind my clients’ of their appointments) but I will also ask you to confirm to me that you are fit, well and with no sign of a temperature or cough.
  2. If you are a new client, instead of sitting down with you and carrying out a consultation and explanation into what I do and how it works, and show you my certificates to make sure I am qualified and hold the appropriate insurance, I will carry out a full telephone consultation the day before.
  3. My certificates will be on my website for everyone to see.
  4. I do not intend to carry out any more than one treatment per day.
  5. On arrival you may enter through the back gate to avoid the need for going through the house, if this is what you wish to do.
  6. We will both be wearing full face mask (you bring your own or I will supply you with one), you will lay back in the chair which will be fully covered;
  7. You will be asked to bring a blanket to cover yourself and a bottle of water.
  8. You will be offered on arrival, the opportunity to wash your hands prior to treatment or to use sanitiser and I will do the same.
  9. I will only work from the feet. Usually I also carry out some reiki healing on any area that you ask me to place my hands on or hover over, but NOT during this time. I will only send healing through your feet if agreeable.
  10. I will give a treatment from your garden/my garden under a sunshade or in the conservatory with the doors and windows open.
  11. I will only offer foot reflexology and/or Reiki.
  12. On completion of the 50/60 minute treatment, I will offer you the opportunity to wash your hands again/sanitise.
  13. You will leave the same way as you came in.
    I feel with the above process being carried out that you are totally protected and if for any reason a member of my family or myself are not feeling well then I will of course cancel the appointment forthwith and isolate.

With these new measures in place, I feel that a Reflexology treatment is perfectly safe to give and I very much look forward to getting back to seeing everyone.

Stay Safe – Keep your distance.