This method is new to me since the last lock-down in March 2021. As usual, it’s mind-blowing!

As you may know, I have been a Reflexologist for over 20 years and have covered most methods of treatment from Soft Touch to Advanced, Vertical Reflexology, Chinese methods and Linking. I predominantly use feet and hands to back up the treatment.

From my experience, Reflexology of the Feet is for long-term healing and can often calm pain or clear it completely, but with Facial Reflexology we are working on another level. In that a treatment that can calm or remove pain, BUT it does require the recipient to start practicing on themselves to gain instant relief from pain, greater energy, improved sleep pattern and improvement of health after Covid amongst so many different conditions. Wrinkle reduction and a better toned face, increased collagen – giving you a noticeable natural face lift.

A treatment of Dien Cham does not require an hour for treatment, so I am offering my clients a half-hour session at half of my usual going rate, and it will include a full facial reflexology treatment and some reiki healing to reinforce the treatment.

Next Steps – for those that really want to see what Facial Reflexology can do for them I would encourage all those interested to:

Buy the book called Facial Reflexology – A Self-Care Manual by Marie-France Muller, MD, ND., Ph.D.

Purchase a Gua Sha and roller from Amazon – there is plenty of choice. (the tools you will need to get a deeper treatment).

Start working from the beginning of the book and learn each process, building slowly OR
for those who would rather be taught, book an hour’s course with me and I will teach you how to carry out a basic session that takes approximately two to three minutes each morning and evening, and in case you are not sleeping too well, you can repeat this whenever you need it.
Also I will prepare easy to follow maps for conditions that concern you thereafter, so long as you let me know before I see you, I can always update the maps according to requirements, by then you will know how to follow them with ease.

What’s not to like. The results have been coming in thick and fast!

Introduction to Facial Reflexology Course £50 (approx. 1 hour course), which will comprise of a basic session, to get you started.

This course will include a Facial Reflexology Treatment, along with a full demonstration leaving you able to perform your own treatments with appropriate maps prepared according to requirements.

I will also be offering Half Hour Facial Reflexology Treatments for £25.00, including some Reiki Healing.

If you are interested please get in touch via my Contact page.