Psychic body scans, Readings, Healing and Reading the Human Auras


I would like to introduce you to my friend Suzanne who is an extremely gifted and insightful mobile therapist. Suzanne gives psychic body scans, readings, reading the human auras and she can heal clients emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She also offers guidance and counseling on moving forward for a more positive, healthy, and happy future. This person is truly unique, down to earth “no fluff” and clients have found her easy to talk to and have embraced her direct approach.

A couple of my clients with health issues have seen Suzanne and continue to see her, as she has made such a difference to their lives, and their testimonials are at the end of this article.

Her fee is £40 a session within a 2-mile radius of Hornchurch, any further distance, she would be happy to provide you with a quote.

To arrange for a free telephone consultation/make an appointment please contact Suzanne direct on her mobile phone: 07583 732974

Sue Pecoraro



R. Hornchurch

“I had a reading with Suzanne, really good, extremely insightful ‘no fluff’ and have continued to see her as she has been so truthful and helpful”.

LB, Herts

I have found Suzanne to be extremely genuine by way of her being able to scan your body for areas of stress, health and imbalances. At the same time as giving you guidance reflecting on your body’s health and need to make changes in your lifestyle along with healing being offered. She is very direct no pussy-footing around. This session allows you to go away feeling more positive and reassured.