Back Pain – Reflexology can help

How have I not written a blog on backache when so many people suffer from it?

Anyone that suffers from backache will tell you how much it affects their lives, it is with them day and night.  I just want to say please, please give Reflexology a try, I am not saying that reflexology is a cure-all miracle treatment, but I am saying that I have so many clients which have experienced partial/total relief from my treatments.  Might I also add that if a client is prepared to help themselves, even better – I have a small selection of back exercises that I like to teach my clients if they are interested, to keep their spine free from pain and strengthen their inner core muscles.

How many reflexology treatments will a person need?

My response is – the general rule as with all conditions; the longer you have been suffering with the pain, the longer it will take to heal, but saying that I have seen incredibly fast responses from clients that I know.  Reflexologists advocate (if at all possible) 6 consecutive weekly sessions to see how far Reflexology can take you.

 As soon as your backache starts, sure please go to the doctor for pain relief and a check up to make sure there is no other reason for such an injury, and then try to get to a reflexologist post haste – this will enable the healing process to start working quickly and if it is going to help you, you will know it pretty fast.   

The other day on an appointment I saw one of my very good clients and having checked over my notes, I asked her if she had been practising the exercises for her back that I had shown her.  Her response was “No, no I have not had to”.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because my back has been pain-free since the last treatment!”

Fantastic, but seriously if you really want to remain pain-free and not always have to attend a clinic, add a few of my simple exercises to your day and see how much it makes a difference.  

I will also give you some homework on your reflexes if you are interested.  

I am a results junkie, I love what I do, and good results make my day too.  Please text or call for an appointment and see how amazing this therapy can be for you.

I am based in Hornchurch. Please refer to my homepage to see my Reflexology and Reiki offering.

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